6 Tips on Being Happy – Self-Improvement is Important

Surely, happiness comes from the inside. Being pleased means to live from within, giving more importance to personal values as well as loving other people. Happiness is about internal characteristic rather than external qualities. Inclusion is more important than separation. So, happiness is not something you strive for or even go after, but it is a moment-by-moment-decision you are making. It really takes a huge amount of strength to become completely happy on a daily basis.

So, here are 6 quick steps that could help you in completing your happiness goal:

1. Make happiness be an intentional decision.

Happiness is a choice that you make on purpose. You should tell yourself that you are happy every morning. Consider this as daily routine for getting happiness. You can simply choose enjoying for the next twenty four hours, and so on, and so on. So, if nothing else ever improves in your own life, you must be aware of the fact that despite everything, you could be happy. Be committed to happiness, and be happy immediately.


2. Practice self-accepting.

Your uniqueness should be praised on a daily basis. Appreciate your immense wisdom and marvelous talent; use all this in order to render the world as better place for living.

3. Stop searching for happiness!

When you stop bitching about wanting a better paid job, wanting a mansion or anything similar – the happiness comes automatically. So, you should not chase happiness or expect it will appear in future, it is all that you are in the present moment!


4. Invest in the best things that surround you and your close ones.

The relationships you have with your friends and community is the best investment you can make. Always communicate and spend time with them. Volunteering can be an activity that can lighten up mood. The point of all this is that if you try enriching the lives of other people – you will certainly enrich your own. So, strong commitments to other people will increase your own well- being. Searching for happiness will just make you to miss the happiness which is usually right under your nose. Expand your love to others immediately and see how good it feels.

5. Drop grievances and resentments.

Forgiveness is actually refusing to be a victim. You produce suffering, stress, and misery by your natural necessity of feeling good.. Happiness lives in a heart full of love and a healed past. Decide to see things “with different eyes”. Don’t worry about forgiving – rather choose to be a forgiving person.

Forgiveness, what does it really mean?

6. Learn enjoying your life.

According to Professor at the University of California, Lee Berk claims:

If we took what we know about the medical benefits of laughter and bottled it up, it would require FDA approval.

Take your time and enjoy in doing the things that make you feel good. Always be spontaneous, cheer up and laugh a lot. Release yourself from technology and keep your electronics at home.

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